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Master Basjons Jordan, 6th Degree Black Belt


Certified Instructor/Trainer

20+ Years of Martial Arts Experience

World Champion


It is my honor to thank the people of the New Orleans Area who have supported this martial arts academy over the years.  It has been a pleasure to teach New Orleans' children and watch them grow from timid white belts to confident black belts, from school students to military and workforce contributors.  Equally satisfying is training our adult students and watching them attain skills, reach goals and improve themselves in ways they never imagined.  Reflecting on this, it is humbling to know the level of trust students and their families place in us, academy instructors and Tiger-Rock Martial Arts

We are thrilled to be a part of Uptown's wonderful family-friendly community that's filled with the kind of warm-hearted people, dedicated parents and superior schools that gives New Orleans its admirable reputation.  There is no better place to call "home".

We each enjoy sharing our passion for the martial arts with each student and want to continue spreading TaeKwonDo tenets to students as our mentors did for us.  We will strive to do our best to make sure your experience at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of New Orleans is everything you hope it to be and more!

Please join us on the mat to experience the premiere Tiger-Rock traditional style curriculum that is challenging, life-changing and fun!


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Read what people are saying about our programs.

"I was diagnosed as having an aneurism related to factors of obesity and congenitial malformation of the cerebellum.  In June of 2011, I had a surgical brain procedure at a local hospital to prevent further deteoration of the cerebellum and the blood vessel in the right frontal lobe of the brain. 
In the past 10 years I've had poor exercise habits, and inadequate diet, stress, and incongential factors.  All of these factors contributed to my aneurysm.  It was recommended by my neurologist and neurosurgeon to become involved in a cardiovascular exercise plan.  The most recommeneded cardiovascular exercise plan was kickboxing due to my previous medical history.
In July 0f 2011, I began kickboxing at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of New Orleans (formerly Basjons Jordan's TaeKwonDo Plus).  I was adament about revitalizing my current health status.  So far, cardio kickboxing has increased my energy, muscle tone and weight loss.  I am elated to say that I have lost over 25lbs and counting.
Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is special to me because I was able to regain my life.  I am more conscious of my health and I feel like I'M LIVING!"
Aisha Bass
Harvey, LA


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